Action Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility of Funchal

In line with the new legislative framework, the Portuguese municipalities must have framing documents to apply for EU funds, being one of them the "Action plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility". Although this document is intermunicipal, reflecting the travel patterns of individuals across and between different municipalities, in the Madeira region such an action plan does not exist and so the municipality of Funchal decided to create a municipal version of the document.

In general terms, it is a plan that guides the next 10 years of urban mobility intervention, presenting an overall municipal strategy, and a group of measures to implement this strategy, with the main objective of decreasing CO2 emissions and reduce car dependency in the municipality.



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Date: 2015-2017

Coordination: David Vale

Team: David Vale, Mauro Pereira, Miguel Saraiva, José Gonçalves, Catarina Rodrigo

 Funding: Câmara Municipal do Funchal