INTA Protocol (International Urban Development Association) – “Ciudades y territórios in mutación II”

“Ciudades y territórios in mutación II” is the second half of an initiative carried out by INTA under the preparation of the United Nations Conference for Housing and Sustainable Developmen - Habitat III. After the approval of the New Urban Agenda in 2016, the objective is to give useful contributions for its implementation, namely regard the principles and targets for a sustainable urban development.

The protocol aims at promoting cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between partner institutions in order to foster the exchange of best practices and the commuting of urban solutions.

Under the protocol, a field mission has already taken place in Puebla, Mexico (2017) counting on the participation of CIAUD/ URBinLAB Members.

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Members: Cristina Cavaco, João Pedro Costa

Partner institutions: INTA (International Urban Development Association), CERis/CESUR (IST, University of Lisbon), DGT (Directorate-General of Territorial Development)