One Hundred Years of Public Policies in Portugal, 1918-2018

Within the research framework of the project entitled "Housing: One Hundred Years of Public Policies in Portugal, 1918-2018" promoted by IHRU to celebrate the 100 years mark of public housing policies in Portugal and the structure defined by the scientific coordinator Arq. Ricardo Agarez, the present project is dedicated to the development of two historical periods of time defined as: Core 5: 1982|2002 - Decentralized and European Portugal: Supported Advocacy, Local Initiative and Urban Renewal and Core 6: 2002|2018 - The House Supported Today and Tomorrow.

The research proposes to develop a two level analysis: (1) at the level of the urban project and (2) in its relationship, always direct, with the architectural project; based on a methodology of comparative reading, supported by an interpretative analysis as contributions to a morphological and typological study of the public housing landscape constructed in the research time span. The fieldwork and subsequent analysis focused on a 9 cities representative sample of the national reality.

In addition to the scientific objectives, it is intended to respond to the requests of the IHRU for a exhaustive inventory - bibliographical, graphic, photographic, administrative, legislative and projectual.

Main results are:
1. a book chapter
2. National and International Conferences: PNUM 2018 no Porto, Portugal | 12th World Congress of the RSAI em Goa, India | Conferência no âmbito do curso de pós-graduação “Crecimiento Urbano, hacia una transformación sustentable del territorio” em Córdoba, Argentina | AdaptPolis 2018 em Lisboa, Portugal.


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Date: Feb 2017 – Dec 2018

Coordination FA: Filipa Serpa

Team: Alessia Allegri, Maria Manuela da Fonte, Nuno Arenga

Scientific Consultants: Sandra Marques Pereira (ISCTE| IUL), João Pedro Costa, António Lobato Santos (FA)

Research fellows: Maria Madalena Monteiro, Luciana Garcia, Liliana Nabais, André Santana, Joana Pereira

Partner institutions: Instituto de Habitação e Reabilitação Urbana, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Gebalis, Domus Social, Matosinhos Habit, Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, Câmara Municipal de Vila Real, Vila Real Social, Câmara Municipal da Covilhã, Câmara Municipal de Évora, Habévora, Câmara Municipal de Faro, Câmara Municipal de Olhão.

Funding: IHRU e CIAUD