Homes, neighbourhoods, cities: Housing beyond domestic spaces

  • which spatial solutions for a more inclusive, qualified and integrated city?
  • which innovations in living spaces can foster the complexity of everyday’s urban life?

Collective, Temporary, Sharing: Exploring living places

  • how to understand, manage and design the multiple temporalities, intensities and diversities of common spaces
  • which spaces must be cherished to promote the democratic nature of public realm?

Intermitent City

Intermittent Lisbon. Temporary uses and sharing practices in the adaptive city, from experience to prospective

MetroPublicNet Lisboa

MetroPublicNet - Building the foundations of a Metropolitan Public Space Network
to support the robust, low-carbon and cohesive city:
Projects, lessons and prospects in Lisbon [FCT Project]


One Hundred Years of Public Policies in Portugal


Unlocking the Private-led Housing Projects in Lisbon’s Suburbia


Post-Shopping Commerce
New Urban Patterns of Commercial Activities


Metropolitan Public Space in Lisbon Metropolitan Area - 1998-2020