POST-SUB - Lisbon Post-Suburbia, the Metropolis led by their (several) suburbs

Following the research developed from the PhD studies (in 2013) three research projects were prepared and presented at the 3rd research seminar CIAUD (November 2015, Lisbon School of Architecture):
- FUTURE: the city of the future
- EXCCITY: the Exceptional city
- POSTSUB: Lisbon Post-Suburbia, the Metropolis led by their (several) suburbs

After this seminar, these three projects were put together in a single project: POSTSUB

The project do not have FCT funding.

The (re) qualification of suburban areas is a key issue of the contemporary metropolis. Assuming this key issue the objectives of the project are:
a) Recognize how is being undertaken – or not - the (re) qualification and what are their consequences;
b) Understand if the concepts, methods and instruments used are appropriate and if what are the alternatives.

These studies are of particular importance in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA) because within the European landscape the process of (sub)urbanisation of Portugal and Lisbon's Metropolitan Area (LMA) is a unique case:
- Belated, because it didn't have a significant expression until the 70s / 80s of the 20th century
- Contrasting, because it is very diverse spatially, as the LMA is crossed by a huge estuary which divides the Metropole into two very distinct “banks”
- Polarised, because informal/illegal urbanisation was (and is) very significant in the change of rural to urban land

- Articles published in international journals with referees: 1
- Communications in international scientific meetings with proceedings: 4
- Other Communications (last 3 years): 5

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Date: 2013 to December 2018

Coordination: Luís Sanchez Carvalho