Evolutionary dynamics on contemporary spatial planning and territorial management

The project focuses on the analysis of contemporary spatial planning dynamics, observing its evolution in Europe and Portugal, such as the new emerging issues and trends that come up, e.g.: i) the emergence of soft planning spaces and governance rescaling processes; ii) the redefinition of governaments’ roles and the decentralisation of competences to lower administrative levels; iii) the strenghtening of localism and the amalgamation of local authorities; iv) the development of planning practices at supramunicipal levels and acros local boundaries, or v) the development of place-based territorial approaches, as much as the strengthening of sectorial planning. Transformations such as these call to reonsider local, regional and national-levels planning and government, as well as to discuss their instrumental role and relative positions within the planning systems. Moreover, Public Adminsitration has been short in rationality and effectiveness, especially in regard to spatial planning system and tools that lack in resilience and efficiency by inadequacy of means and uncontrolled side effects of several sectorial policies.

In a context of fast and abrupt changes in the economy and society, spatial planning and territorial management systems are forced to adapt and find new forms of organization that can efficiently address the contemporary needs.

The project aims to build an international network of scientific institutions dedicated to these themes, which will support both: i) the participation in scientific events and the publication of articles and international books, and; ii) the development of partnerships with public adminsitration entities on spatial planning, promoting knowledge dissemination.

For that goal, it promoted the CIAUD’s affilition on the RSA – Regional Studies Association, and it tries to find new international networks, such as INTA – International Association of Urban Development, as well as academic networks with other universities.

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Date: November 2016 – November 2019

Coordination: Cristina Cavaco


CIAUD: Cristina Cavaco; João Pedro Costa
Outside CIAUD: Daniel Galland (Aalborg University); Valeria Lingua (Università degli studi Firenze); Verena Balz (Delft University of Tecnology)

Funding: CIAUD

Partners: International Association of Urban Development (INTA)