Roberto Montezuma

since 2020

Architect and Urban Planner by the Federal University of Pernambuco / UFPE/ Brazil;

PhD candidate in Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon/ FA-ULisboa/Portugal;

Partner at AFM Architects and Urbanists;

Professor and Researcher at UFPE;

Founding President of The Council for Architecture and Urbanism /CAU / PE;

Coordinator of International Urban Innovation Projects Recife Exchanges: Amsterdam, Holland and Netherlands;

Coordinator of the Capibaribe Park Project, Recife City Hall / UFPE agreement;

General Coordinator of publications: Architecture Brazil 500 Years, Cadernos CAU / PE, Capibaribe Park - The Reinvention of Recife Park City and Recife 500 Years Collection, to be launched in 2022. UN-Habitat Partner for Climate Change Cities Projects.