Rita Zina

since 2014


Rita Zina works as a Senior Technical Officer for the Division of Territorial Development and Urban Policies, at the Directorate-General for the Territory. Previously, she worked as a freelance architect and consultant; she held the position of town councilor at the Óbidos Town Hall, assuming the responsibility for the safeguarding of cultural heritage, the urban rehabilitation policy and territorial planning, undertaking, among other assignments, the revision process of the Municipality's Master Development Plan; she worked both as an architect and as the coordinator of the Óbidos Town Council's Local Technical Office, leading a multidisciplinary team that, among other attributions, was responsible for the development of Safeguard Plan proposals, urban rehabilitation interventions and building and public spaces’ refurbishment projects; in the beginning of her career, she worked at the Inês Lobo architectural office, in Lisbon, collaborating in architecture, urban design and landscaping projects, as well as several architectural competitions.

Graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at Technical University of Lisbon, she completed the Course in Advanced Public Management Studies, at the National Institute of Administration, and concluded the curricular part of the PhD Programme in Urbanism at the Lisbon School of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. She is currently carrying out her PhD dissertation with which she intends to contribute to a deeper knowledge of the territorial and urban transformations of the urban region of Lisbon, over the past five decades, with a focus on the urban sprawl phenomenon and the dilution of boundaries between urban and rural areas that mark the contemporary European city.