Pablo Costa

since 2017

Pablo Costa, architect & urbanist (PUC-Campinas, 2006), master in urbanism – urban renewal (PUC-Campinas, 2010), MBA in real estate and construction management (FGV-2013). He is Ph.D. candidate in urbanism at Lisbon School of Architecture at the University of Lisbon (FA-ULisboa). His investigation focuses on the processes of urban obsolescence and temporary/interim reuse of vacant spaces. He was a researcher in the Project NoVOID – Ruins and Vacant Lands in Portuguese Cities (2018-2019 ULisboa) and iWRECKS – Industrial Wrecks: Reusing Enhancing aCKnowledging Sheds (2019 Università degli Studi di Padova). Currently, he is a member of Writing Urban Places – New narratives of the European City (COST Action CA18126) and a researcher at URBinLAB – Urbanism and Territorial Dynamics (FA-ULisboa).