Karin Potter

since 2019


Karin Pötter graduated in Biological Sciences at UNISINOS (Brazil, 1987), and did her master degree at the Urban and Regional Planning Program (PROPUR) in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil, 2016), with the dissertation “Contributions to a method of evaluation for domestic developments’ impact over urban green areas: a case study of the ‘Minha Casa Minha Vida’ Programme in the city of Cachoeirinha”.

In January 2019 she begins her PhD research in Urbanism at the Lisbon School of Architecture of the University of Lisbon under the theme: “Biodiversity and urban stream restoration: evaluating the outcomes of the Polis Programme”.

She worked for 34 years in urban planning at the Regional and Metropolitan Planning Office of the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Metroplan), in south Brazil. There, she managed the Public Transport Department for RMPA and three other urban agglomerations (2015-2017), and RMPA´s Land Parcelling Department (2009-2015).

Other activities at Metroplan included:

  • Environmental and urbanistic analysis of areas for land parcelling, with a view to prior consent (“Termo de Anuência Prévia”), in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre (RMPA), Brazil.
  • Participation in the elaboration, analysis, monitoring and review of RMPA municipalities master plans.
  • Participation in the discussion and elaboration of the State Environmental Code (“Código Estadual do Meio Ambiente do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul”).
  • Description of flora, fauna, water aspects and conclusive opinion, regarding areas subject to parcelling, irregular settlements, environmental diagnosis of watersheds, areas for environmental preservation, selection of areas for industrial districts and selection of areas for solid waste disposals.
  • Mapping of vegetable coverage of RMPA municipalities through aerial photography and field checks.