André Nouri

PhD completed in 2018


A. Santos Nouri is an urban designer with an architectural background, he holds an MA in Urban Design from the University of Westminster, and an M.Arch from the University of Lisbon. He has worked in both the private and public sector within the UK, including various councils and architectural offices before turning to his interest in research.

He initiated his doctoral studies in 2011, which depicts upon approaching microclimatic urban design within the design of public spaces given the potential impacts of climate change. After terminating his research grant within the project ‘Urbanised Estuaries and Deltas’ (funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology FCT), he was awarded an international doctoral scholarship to New Zealand (through the Doctoral AUSMIP+ Program) for one year in order to carry out a section of his research and lecture as a visiting Doctoral Fellow to architectural/urban design students. Upon return from New Zealand, he initiated his individual doctoral scholarship (also funded through FCT), and has thus far published in various international conferences and journals.

In 2018 André Nouri finished his PhD Thesis: "A bottom-up interdisciplinary research approach for thermal sensitive urban design in an era of climate change: The case of Lisbon"