FA / Câmara Municipal de Sintra / CCDR-LVT – Adaptpolis and EUFundImpact Research Projects Protocol

The Protocol between FA/Lisbon School of Architecture, the Municipality of Sintra and CCDR-LVT provides the institutional basis for the development of Adaptpolis and EUFundsImpact research projects. Through this protocol, the Municipality of Sintra provides access to its urban planning archives and GIS database in what concerns urban development permits, cartographic data and other relevant urban planning documents. The Municipality is engaged as a key partner in the characterization, diagnosis and discussion of the study territories located in its administrative boundaries.

CCDR-LVT provides the data regarding EU funding programs that have been developed with impact in Sintra and the overall Region of Lisbon and Tagus Valley.

FA/Lisbon School of Architecture feeds-back the projects’ results and fosters intermediate events, such as research seminars and academic workshops. The involvement of architecture and urbanism Master and PhD students is seen as a major contribution to the analytical and prospective tasks of Adaptpolis and EUFundsImpact.

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Research line: Urbanization & Planning

Members at URBinLAB: Leonel Fadigas, João Rafael Santos

Partner institutions: FA/Lisbon School of Architecture, Sintra Municipality