Colégio F3 - Food, Farming & Forestry, Universidade de Lisboa

The College Food, Farming & Forestry (F3) is the catalyst for the creation of transdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of food, agriculture and forestry at the University of Lisbon and, in this framework, is the driving force for a holistic approach to promote scientific and technological development and education for innovation in food and agroforestry sectors, being the driving force of public policies that anticipate the multiple challenges faced by human society at national and international levels.

Its mission is to share interdisciplinary skills in the fields of food, agriculture and forestry to stimulate the development of transdisciplinary knowledge aimed at innovation and technological enhancement, the promotion of social and environmental responsibility, as well as an integrated governance of the food sectors and agroforestry.

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Research line: Urbanization & Planning, Landscape & Climate Change

Members at URBinLAB: Leonel Fadigas, Jorge Cancela

Partner institutions: All the Schools of the University of Lisbon