“Regional Planning and Design Group” Network

The network focuses on the role of regional design as a practical and experimental response to a variety of devolution processes and strategies for the creation of governance capacity on the regional level based on spatial visioning and spatial design.

The network brings together scholars keen to build an international community of learning that intents to reflect critically on the roles that regional studies and design play in urban and regional development within a context of processes of spatial and governance rescaling.

A number of meetings/conferences have been already organized by the group (Munich, 2015; Florence, 2017; Dublin, 2017; Gotemburg, 2018) and regular participation of its members on Regional Studies Association (RSA) and AESOP conferences has been prodiving ground for networking activities.

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Members: Cristina Cavaco, João Pedro Costa

Partner institutions: Universidade de Florença, Departamento de Arquitetura, Laboratório Regional Design (Valeria Lingua), Universidade de Aalborg (Daniel Galland), Universidade de Cambridge, School of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Phil Allmendinger), Universidade de Manchester, Faculty of Humanities (Graham Haugthon), Universidade Autonoma de Barcelona (Oriol Nel.lo), TUDelft (Verena Balz), Technical University of Munich (Alain Thierstein)