CIAUD in Costa Rica

Key problems for landscape and biodiversity conservation are the loss, degradation and fragmentation of habitats. Specifically, urban growth can lead to the disappearance of important ecological areas. This can result in high rates of extinction of native species, a major global threat to biodiversity. But, in recent years and in an incremental way, researches on urban biodiversity and its value has grown, suggesting that its conservation should focus on well-designed habitats in urban and peri-urban connexions.

With this rationale, several initiatives were developed:

“Tropical landscape conservation” course (2017-2018)

Jorge Cancela, PhD; Alejandra Orozco, PhD candidate (coordinators)


“Primer Congreso Internacional de Gestión y Restauración de Paisaje” (2016)

Jorge Cancela, PhD; Cristina Henriques, PhD; Rosário Oliveira, PhD, João Pedro Costa, PhD; Alejandra Orozco, PhD candidate


“Conservación del Paisaje Natural” Course (2015)

Jorge Cancela, PhD; Alejandra Orozco, PhD candidate (coordinators)


These courses, and complementary conference, develop the academic knowledge with interdisciplinary work in the area of research, local action, and public/private interactions. Students . mainly young architects and biologists - work together and with local communities, in a “hands-on” approach. Students learn to comprehend biological and ecological principles derived from scientific research to draw landscape proposals using international standards with local relevance. Developing these proposals give the students the opportunity to address the challenges of landscape design and management and provide a great opportunity to design ecosystem services at different scales.

CIAUD members are key staff and coordinators for these courses and conferences.

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Date: 2015-2018

Team: Jorge Cancela, Cristina Henriques, João Pedro Costa, Alejandra Orozco, Rosário Oliveira

Partners: OTS – Organization for Tropical Studies, UCR – Universidad de Costa Rica, CFIA – Colegio Federado de Arquitectos y Ingenieros de Costa Rica.