Urbanized Estuaries and Deltas, contemporary agendas and international networks

This Project follows the “Urbanized Estuaries and Deltas” research project, having has main objectives to update to update empirical data and theoretical developments on the subject, to promote the networking both at the academic and professional levels, to integrate new researchers and to go on disseminating results.

Its beginning included a research collaboration with TU Delft, resulting on the publication of a book chapter about Lisbon, in a comparative study of urbanized deltas, in 2014, proposing four typologies: the plain (Dutch Delta/Rotterdam, Mekong delta/Can Tho), the mudflat (Parana Delta/Buenos Aires, Mississippi delta/New Orleans), the lagoon (Galveston Bay/Houston + Venice Lagoon/Venice) and the estuary (Elbe Estuary/Hamburg + Tagus estuary/Lisbon).

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Date: 2014/2021

Coordination: João Pedro Costa

Team: Maria Matos Silva, André Nouri, João Figueira de Sousa, Maria José Andrade Marques

Partners: Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade de Málaga

Funding: CIAUD