Homes, neighbourhoods, cities: Housing beyond domestic spaces

  • which spatial solutions for a more inclusive, qualified and integrated city?
  • which innovations in living spaces can foster the complexity of everyday’s urban life?

Collective, Temporary, Sharing: Exploring living places

  • how to understand, manage and design the multiple temporalities, intensities and diversities of common spaces
  • which spaces must be cherished to promote the democratic nature of public realm?

MetroPublicNet Lisboa

MetroPublicNet - Building the foundations of a Metropolitan Public Space Network
to support the robust, low-carbon and cohesive city:
Projects, lessons and prospects in Lisbon [FCT Project]


One Hundred Years of Public Policies in Portugal


Unlocking the Private-led Housing Projects in Lisbon’s Suburbia


Post-Shopping Commerce
New Urban Patterns of Commercial Activities


Metropolitan Public Space in Lisbon Metropolitan Area - 1998-2020